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Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund (“AEF”) Taiwan invests in startups with innovative businesses or technology and assists them in realizing their dreams.

We engage independent and professional investment managers to solicit startups that meet our investment criteria. Through their professional evaluation, we are able to identify the startups’ development potential and business value, follow by capital injection to support their future growth.

After our investment, AEF endeavors to empower and support portfolio companies by providing them access to Alibaba Group’s resources and its ecosystem.

Investment Criteria

We invest in growth stage startups with products or services that have scale potentials and market-validated business model. The candidate companies also need to meet the following criteria:

Taiwan Nexus:

All or majority founders of the company are from Taiwan, in Taiwan, or rooted in Taiwan. Alternatively, the business is developed or operated in Taiwan. Our investment managers will determine the qualification independently.

Potential Synergy with Alibaba Ecosystem:

The startups' business has existing or potential synergies with Alibaba Group or its ecosystem, so that we can provide necessary resources and network after investment.

Investment Process
Sourcing and Evaluation
Our investment managers will source, evaluate and qualify startups for potential investments. You may also submit your business plan via this website for further discussions with our investment managers.
Due Diligence and Interviews
The investment managers will conduct due diligence and investment appraisals on shortlisted companies. They will further discuss the investment structure, the amount of capital and other detailed terms with you.
After due diligence and satisfied negotiation, the investment will be made based on mutually agreed terms and market valuation.
Post-investment Support
We will connect portfolio companies with Alibaba’s business units for collaborations and provide resources from Alibaba ecosystem. We will also provide opportunities to synergize with fellow startup companies in our portfolio.
Proposal Submission

If you believe your business meets the above criteria, welcome to join us!
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