we are

We are a passionate fund with vision!

Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund (AEF) Taiwan is a NT$10 billion fund solely contributed by Alibaba Group. Having in mind the group’s mission statement, “To make it easy to do business anywhere,” we are dedicated to promote entrepreneurship in Taiwan and encourage youngsters to start their own businesses. By providing support and resources from the Alibaba ecosystem, we expect that our entrepreneurs will be able to realize their dreams!

As an evergreen fund, AEF has no designated end of investment period, which is different from typical VC funds with 7-10 years of tenure. To make our fund evergreen, we harvest from successful exits of our portfolio companies and reinvest the profit back into the fund. With this circular approach, we can continue to invest and support more Taiwanese youngsters to pursue their entrepreneurial aspiration.

AEF, in addition to being a financial investor, is keen to connect our portfolio companies with various business partner of Alibaba Group and in the Alibaba ecosystem to enable cooperation and create synergies. Moreover, AEF is also glad to match business opportunities among portfolio companies because we believe that open-minded collaborations of any kind will foster business innovation and flourish the startup ecosystem!