Atom Semiconductor Secures 100M Yuan in Pre-A Round Financing

March 10, 2022 | Pandaily | Portfolio
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Atom Semiconductor, a firm specializing in the development of high-performance analog chips, has recently received nearly 100 million yuan ($15.7 million) in pre-A round financing. The lead investor was Qiming Venture Partners, while co-investors were listed company Venus Medtech and existing shareholder Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund. Chinese media outlet 36Kr learned that the fresh funds are to be implemented for the R&D of consumer electronics analog chips, sales promotion and marketing team expansion.
Atom Semiconductor was established in Hong Kong in October 2020. It focuses on signal chain analog chips within three product lines: sensor chips, analog-to-digital conversion chips (ADCs) and microprocessors (MCUs), mainly used in consumer electronics, industrial electronics and energy storage.
Atom Semiconductor is now concentrating on the development of chips for consumer electronics, and delivered its first product, “AS1412,” to customers at the end of 2021 for trial use.
The AS1412 is a highly integrated 24-bit Sigma-delta ADC. It provides high accuracy while achieving power consumption more than three times lower than similar products, and thus is suitable for portable consumer electronics sensor products such as temperature sensors and pressure sensors.
Atom Semiconductor enjoys a technological advantage, as its chips are highly integrated with high performance and a wider range of application scenarios. The company has found that in recent years, consumer electronics customers desire more functions with as few chips as possible. The company seeks breakthroughs in this regard, and aims to accomplish applications within a single unit that would otherwise require three chips.
In the past year, Atom Semiconductor has expanded R&D teams to Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Shanghai. The firm has scheduled the release of two new products at the end of Q2 this year.
Signal chain analog chips are integrated circuits that can capture, amplify, filter, convert and process analog signals. Analog chips are an essential part of the semiconductor industry and are required in almost all common consumer electronic devices. According to WSTS data, the market size of analog chips in 2020 reached $54 billion, accounting for 13% of the semiconductor industry.