Preface invites audiences to co-create future in latest campaign

March 9, 2022 | Marketing Interactive | Portfolio
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Coding courses provider Preface has launched a citywide campaign, asking the audience where the future holds. 

The campaign's concept "Future to Gather" (共序未來demonstrates Preface's idea of creating the future collectively. According to the brand, it hopes to promote this idea by questioning its audience about how they see the future. Preface also encourages them to stay positive and proactively write down their "preface" of future living, for building a better world together.
The TVC begins with a questions, "Do we have the future?" It added that it the world of science and technology, every progression begins with a question, encouraging many people to explore the answers of every question. 

"Preface aims to tackle the issues raised by Hong Kong's traditional education model, cultivate future global talents and promote coding and tech knowledge as the world's universal language, facilitating Hong Kong to strengthen its connection with the world," said Basil Cheung, director of branding, Preface.

The campaign was rolled out in late February and contains multiple touchpoints. In addition to the 30-second TVC, the campaign also offers print ads and offline engagement activities at Preface Coffee. Other touchpoints include MTR digital panels, outdoor billboards and TV, bus shelters, nowTV. 

"It was just a few days after Russia's invasion of Ukraine and the announcement of measures that further restricted shops and schools from operating for another two months. We are ironically launching a campaign to discuss the notion of the future. People are actively trying to survive and the future is coming anyway," said Tommie Lo, founder and CEO of Preface.