At PanopticAI, we innovate to empower everyone to take charge of their health—especially the lower income brackets and other vulnerable segments across the globe—for a safe, healthy and productive environment in every city, workplace and home.
To this end, we are building cutting-edge solutions that are globally recognised for innovation, scientific achievement and accuracy. Our goal is to be universally trusted as the go-to option by businesses as well as consumers looking to reach their full health potential.
Our mission is to make remote healthcare diagnostically accurate, accessible and scalable with Vitals, our AI-based, hardware-agnostic health monitoring software suite. Designed to be a low-cost, low-barrier, future-forward solution for businesses and consumers, Vitals revolutionises how our health is measured, interpreted and managed
PanopticAI Limited
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2022 - AEF Hong Kong Fund
Health Technology
Kyle Wong, Nick Chin, Teric Chan, Richard So
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