Founders Interview: GetLinks

March 27, 2019 | TechNode Global | Portfolio
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GetLinks started from a simple party at my home where I invited some 20+ friends and acquaintances working as programmers and entrepreneurs. What started out as a small party kept growing until we had 600 attendees by our 4th gathering. It was through these parties that I had the opportunity to interact with numerous programmers and entrepreneurs which sparked my interest in the startup and tech scene. It came to my attention that South East Asia had an equally exciting and vibrant startup ecosystem as Europe. Eager to be part of the startup scene, I began searching for co-founders to embark on our entrepreneurship journey together. I wanted to establish not just any startup but an interesting tech startup. Hence, when looking for co-founders, I knew that I had to onboard strong and like-minded entrepreneurs and programmers who were well versed in technology and business. It was through one of the events that I hosted where I met my co-founders, Prichaya Srifar (Chief Technology Officer at GetLinks) and Polpat Songthamjitti (Chief Marketing Officer).

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