As a leading e-commerce financing platform in Asia, Qupital aims to provide different e-commerce sellers with financing solutions that are lower cost and more efficient and easier to apply through the empowerment of financial technology.
Qupital enables e-commerce clients to connect to professional investors through the platform for financing transactions. On the one hand, it allows e-commerce merchants to gain access to financing. On the other hand, it turns their funding needs into a new asset class, allowing professional investors to invest in this previously inaccessible asset with considerable returns, leading to a win-win situation.
Qupital can help e-commerce sellers with financing in an efficient manner through sales and fund flow data so that they will be able to obtain capital within 24 hours.

Current fundraising stage:
Series B
Investment year:
2017 - AEF HK Fund
2021 - AEF GBA Fund
Andy Chan, Winston Wong
Established in:
Access Quick, Quality Capital
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