Polygence is a Stanford- and MIT-founded education technology company. We pair intellectually curious secondary students with PhD and Postdoctoral mentors to pursue tailor-made research projects online in the students' field of interest. Polygence's goal is to give motivated students around the world access and exposure to cutting edge research in their chosen areas of interest in both the humanities and STEM. Our mentors come from top research institutions such as Princeton, MIT, Harvard, Oxford, Stanford, Cambridge, UCLA, NYU and more. 

Polygence is founded by two passionate educators and researchers: Hong Konger Jin Yun Chow, who received her BA from Princeton and is currently doing a PhD in Comparative Literature at Stanford, and Janos Perczel, who received a BSc from the University of St Andrews, MA from Cambridge University and a PhD in Quantum Physics from MIT. 
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Jin Yun Chow, Janos Perczel
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