RaSpect is an AI deep tech company for smart city solution, with a vision to create a safer, smarter and greener society through AI inspection, IoT sensing and predictive maintenance technology solutions. RaSpect builds patented safety AI technology especially for smart buildings and smart infrastructure. RaSpect offers AI SaaS solutions as well as AI services for property owners, property management companies and government. As a pioneer technology provider for the safety monitoring of skyscrapers, its solution dramatically increases the safety of buildings and infrastructure by boosting the efficiency and accuracy of inspection and monitoring at a lower cost. The technology has been well-proven with numerous reputable landmark properties in Hong Kong. As Hong Kong is the leading market in skyscraper construction, RaSpect’s strong presence in the Hong Kong market effectively predicts a strong future success in the global market. RaSpect's breakthrough technology has created exponential tractions and growth in local and regional markets, and its product portfolio has expanded from building façade inspection to building services monitoring and predictive maintenance in systems such as lifts, escalators, HVAC etc.
RaSpect Intelligence Inspection Limited
Current fundraising stage:
Series A
Investment year:
Sun Chi Chun, Harris