Sammy Cheung and Tony Ngai, two seasoned FPGA industry practitioners, both with 25+ experience in Silicon Valley and originating from Hong Kong, founded Efinix in 2012 to build a new, unique and flexible FPGA architecture.  The resulting Quantum Fabric uses a proprietary routing technology to deliver significant price, power and density improvements over traditional FPGA technologies.
Powered by the Quantum Fabric, Efinix Trion FPGAs deliver a 4X Power-Performance-Area advantage and are driving the future in emerging markets such as edge compute.  With between 4K and 200K logic elements they deliver low power, small form factors and are priced for high-volume production.
Hardened IP cores such as MIPI and DDR interfaces give Trion FPGAs a compelling advantage in markets such as embedded vision and surveillance, IoT, Industrial automation, smart storage and automotive.
The company’s Efinity® Integrated Development Environment provides a complete and intuitive FPGA design suite from RTL to bitstream.
Current fundraising stage:
Series B
Investment year:
2018 - AEF HK Fund
Mr. Sammy Cheung, Mr. Tony Ngai
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