Aitrasound Medical Group was established in 2012 and focused on creating innovative 3D medical ultrasound imaging equipment solutions. It is an innovative company focusing on medical imaging equipment research and development, production, marketing and sales.

Scolioscan® is the world’s first and the only ultrasound scoliosis assessment system, and it has more than 26 clusters of patents,total number of patents over 100. With 19 global first and leading technologies, Scolioscan® assessment system has been clinically tested and used in hospitals and clinics in Europe, Australia, Mainland China and Hong Kong. There are more than 20 international medical publications to prove its reliability and accuracy.

Scolioscan® 3D ultrasound assessment system has obtained CE,ARTG and NMPA certificate and it has won multiple awards in different international innovation competitions and has been acknowledged globally.

Aitrasound Medical Group
Current fundraising stage:
Series A
Investment year:
2023 - AEF GBA Fund
Life and Health
ZHENG Yongping, HAN Mingzhu
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