Telefield Medical Imaging Limited (TMIL) is a leading global provider of 3D ultrasound imaging technology, equipment and solutions, with the headquarters in Hong Kong. Its original AI 3D ultrasound imaging technology platform has 19 global pioneering and leading technologies with more than 100 patents. So far, many of its products have obtained medical equipment certification in the EU, Australia and Mainland China, providing 3D ultrasound imaging solutions applicable to the prevention, assessment and treatment of multiple musculoskeletal disorders. Scolioscan, a brand of products under TMI, is dedicated to becoming the preferred radiation-free medical assessment tool for the prevention and treatment of scientific exercise and musculoskeletal chronic disease. It can be used for scoliosis screening, diagnosis, follow-up monitoring, progression prediction, visual feedback during non-surgical treatment, as well as outcome measurement of treatment. It provides radiation-free scoliosis assessment solutions with an accuracy comparable to X-ray imaging for experts in orthopedics, rehabilitation and sports therapy.
Telefield Medical Imaging Limited
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Series A
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2012 - AEF HK Fund
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ZHENG Yongping, HAN Mingzhu
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