Sustainable Production Methods Using Recycled Materials in the East
Zence Object Technology is an innovative company dedicated to solving global waste problems. Based in important cities in Asia, we develop technological innovation to transform inconspicuous waste materials, such as bamboo, chaff, straws, tea residue, Chinese herbal medicine residue, and more, into genuine Eastern eco-friendly materials that integrate into people's daily lives.
Our representing product is "Chazence," a sustainable, versatile, and mass-producible Eastern eco-friendly material. Chazence can replace traditional materials such as plastic, paper, and wood and be applied to various products. All of our products are biodegradable, in line with modern society's pursuit of sustainable development.

 Tea-fiber-based material
EnZence® product collection is flexible and versatile like plastic. It is kind to the environment and can be 100% naturally degradable by burying in the soil. The ingredients included tea residues, crops, plants, and bio-based ingredients.
The tea fiber-based material supports direct application through the injection molding machine or 3D printing, which is significantly efficient in early mold testing and cost management.
The material is waterproof, high-temperature resistant, and easy to process. It's uniform and refined on the surface. It can replace a variety of plastic products and disposable products.
PrZence® Tea fiber- based composite material
Tea-based composite construction panel – with zero added formaldehyde is made of tea fibers and blended tea extracts combined with physical engineering.
This natural tea-based panel is explicitly developed for natural and
enhancing space applications. It is sturdy and strong, with the aroma and color of tea leaves retained. The ecological panels can replace various boards, angle materials, and wood products in space and construction use, extending wide applications according to corresponding personal or commercial use.
FmZence® Tea fiber-based paper material
100% tea fiber plant-based papermaking technology
The papermaking technology extracts fibers from the discarded tea residues and replaces wood for papermaking and multi-purpose packages and products. The technology can directly replace the traditional paper products that are in great demand in the market. More, it does not cause additional harm to the environment, the production process is natural, low pollution, and low energy consumption, in line with ecological sourcing and sustainable practice.
2023 - AEF GBA Fund
Calvin Sio (Founder) Bob Lei (Co-Founder) Fever Chu (Co-Founder) Jay Chan (Co-Founder)