Spearheading growth through Alibaba’s Ecosystem

Investment Program

With a passion of fostering the entrepreneurial spirit among young people and unleashing potential for innovation and entrepreneurship in Hong Kong, we established a HK$1 billion fund to invest in promising young companies with breakthrough businesses and technologies in the start-up, growth and expansion phases of a company life cycle.

We manage our investments professionally using a venture capitalist model, by appointing independent investment professionals, however, we run the fund differently by reinvesting profits generated from the growth of these venture investments to the Hong Kong Entrepreneurs Fund. This form of reinvestment is the basis of an evergreen rejuvenation of capital to empower startups and young entrepreneurs in Hong Kong.

Investment Capital

We appoint independent professionals with experience in selecting and investing in early stage companies, to source, evaluate and select potential qualifying companies for investment. Selected companies will receive investment directly from our Fund.

Strategic Guidance

We assemble a group of experienced entrepreneurs, business leaders and professionals through Alibaba’s network to provide strategic guidance to our portfolio companies.

Alibaba Ecosystem

We help our portfolio companies scale and accelerate their expansion into other markets by leveraging resources from Alibaba Group’s vibrant ecosystem.

Investment Criteria
Hong Kong Nexus:
  • A majority of business founders are Hong Kong permanent residents; or
  • The meaningful operations of the company are carried out in Hong Kong;
Potential to grow and expand to other markets:
  • Your business has moved beyond the brainstorming phase and has customers or a prototype or a viable product; or
  • Your company possesses innovative and unique business ideas that are scalable, financially viable and have high potential to grow, preferably by utilizing resources from the Alibaba ecosystem; or
  • Your business is disruptive to an existing industry or has the potential to create efficiencies or deliver enhanced user experiences
Investment Process
You register via our website with your profile and submit your business plan
If your business plan is shortlisted in our first round review, we will arrange a meeting to discuss your business plan within one month from your submission
Due Diligence
We conduct due diligence and an investment appraisal if your company is shortlisted
The investment terms (including the amount of capital investment) are negotiated
We provide you opportunities to access our business network and draw on resources from the Alibaba ecosystem
Proposal Submission
Let Us Help You Build Your Innovative Business Today
Submit Business Plan
Industry Focus
We are looking for innovative startups in the following sectors, including but not limited to:

Big Data






Internet of Things


Media &

Software &