The Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund is a not-for-profit initiative of Alibaba Group that provides entrepreneurs and young people with investment capital, strategic guidance and internship opportunities to help them better achieve their goals.
Investment Program
Hong Kong   |   Taiwan
We provide Hong Kong and Taiwan-based entrepreneurs with investment capital and strategic guidance to help them grow their businesses and penetrate global markets by utilizing Alibaba’s vast ecosystem.
Internship Program
We offer Hong Kong graduates and students from tertiary institutions a chance to learn with us by providing valuable internship opportunities at Alibaba Group and our affiliate companies.
Unlocking the Power of Voice
Smart Communication Ring
Hong Kong
Spread the Awareness of Quality Lifestyle
Lifestyle Video Content Provider
Hong Kong
Move Anything, Anywhere, Anytime
Online Logistics Platform
Hong Kong
Best Quality Clothing Best Possible Price
Online Fashion Brand
Hong Kong
Eat Better. Live Better
Quality Food Delivery & Takeway
Hong Kong
The Easiest E-commerce Solution in Asia
B2B E-commerce Platform
Hong Kong
Experience is the New Ownership
Apparel Rental & Sharing Platform
Hong Kong